LESSON 3.4: Parliamentarism

The United States of America have it. England has it. France has it. Germany has it. Norway has it. Russia has it. The Democratic Republic of South Africa has it. Even China has it. Do you want it?

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NOTES: Dictatorship is Easy

In school I learnt about several modern time dictators. We went through Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Pol Pot and never really learnt anything other than the fact that the World can easily be painted black and white. They were the bad ones. And the good ones? – My teacher left those undefined. Maybe he meant for us to define the good ones on our own. Maybe they were just that hard to find.

In German class we read Martin Niemöller. I still remember wondering about why they were all taken.

LESSON 3.3: Dictatorship is Easy

If your population has little interest in politics and the whole process of democracy takes too long time, I would recommend a dictatorship for your state. It is nice and easy. One man to make all the decisions, no discussions at all with opposing groups and only one man to blame if something goes wrong. This is finger-pointing politics. You chose one man to succeed or fall and no one will be the wiser.
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Choosing the right government for your new state is very important, this is a way of securing a good base for you and your future subjects.

Now, if you have a lot of patience with other people you might want to try out democracy for your little state. If done properly, the debates will go on forever and a day and a rather large bureaucracy will emerge in time, seemingly out of nowhere. This bureaucracy is supposed to keep an eye on the procedures of course.
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Defining state by its people would bring chaos to not only the Middle East, the African states, but also far into Europe. Yet, many states are defined by the nationality of the people who live in it. In Denmark live Danes, in Germany live Germans (and 10% Turkish), in Italy live Italians (which are as ill-defined as the Romans), in Hungary live… – many different nationalities and groups.
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